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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 18, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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would rather stay here. we pay to stay here. >> the weather can't compete. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. we hope to see you at 6:00. tonight, fire storm. donald trump feeling the heat for not disputing a comment about the president's religion and birthplace. and tonight he is a no show at a big republican event. bella's story. little girl known as baby doe is identified, three months after her body was found. and late word of an arrest in the case. in the cards, the new technology to cut down on credit card fraud. how will it change the way you shop. going the distance. and inspiring so many others along the way. six marathons later she is fit and attracting quite a following. "nightly news" begins right now.
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good evening. he has survived gaffes and uttered personal insults that would sink other politicians, but this time it is what donald trump didn't say that has his drawing fire from all sides. at issue is the failure to challenge or correct a questioner who was wrong when he called president obama a muslim and said he was not an american. tonight trump is off the radar as he takes hits over his response from democrats and fellow republicans. our team has it covered. hallie jackson is in south carolina to tell us more. hallie? >> reporter: good evening, lester. even in the polarized political climate, donald trump is under fire from democrats and republicans. and while he often makes headlines for his remarks, in this instance what's at issue is what he didn't say. the candidate who is always center stage isn't today. donald trump canceling a speech in south
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carolina. his campaign insisting he's not hiding, just signing a business deal. a day after this controversial moment at a q&a in new hampshire. >> we have a problem in this country, it is called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. >> but anyway. we have training camps growing with the want to kill us. that is our question. when can we get rid of them. >> we are looking at a lot of different things and a lot of people are saying that and saying that bad things are happening out there. we are looking at that and plenty of other things. okay, go ahead, yes, ma'am. >> trump didn't question his religion or citizenship and his rhetoric against muslims. >> i wouldn't have permitted that. >> he should come on television and say i made a mistake. >> the same unfortunate reservoir of hateful rhetoric that we've seen too much of. >> a recent poll shows
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43% of republicans think the president is muslim. 28% say they believe he was not born in the u.s. neither is true. the president, a christian, born in honolulu, released his birth certificate in 2011. a move prompted partly by trump who has distanced himself from the birther movement this campaign. >> do you believe president obama is a citizen born in the united states. >> i don't like talking about it any more. i have my own feelings. >> now the white house is firing back. >> it is too bad he wasn't able to summon the same kind of patriotism we saw from senator mccain. >> in 2008 john mccain handled a same situation differently. >> i don't trust obama. and i read about him and he's not -- he's an arab. >> no ma'am. no ma'am. >> no. >> no, ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen -- >> it is difficult to say when or how, but
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eventually the air will go out of the trump balloon. >> but still his previous controversy hasn't hurt his standings in this republican race. when asked for clarification about all of this, his campaign said they want to protect christian liberties but the candidate has not spoken publicly, lester, not here in south carolina. although, but he may tomorrow on the trail in iowa. >> hallie, thank you. and we know the facts are a frequent casualty of campaigns but donald trump rapid fire has left a number of his provocative statements open to challenge. katy tur has been doing fact checking and tells us what she's found. >> reporter: as donald trump takes fire for what he didn't say last night, more scrutiny is being paid to what he does say. nbc did a check to see how donald trump's campaign statements matched up to the facts. on funding his own campaign? >> i am not accepting any money from anybody. >> reporter: telling "the new york times"
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today he's willing to spend $100 million. fact, it may be most of his money but he is still taking money. directly from a donation button on his website asking for $10 to $2,700 and benefitting from the superpac to make america great again. on wasteful spending, saying the scaffolding would come down for the inauguration, to go back up again. >> if i win, i will let the scaffolding stay up, okay. all right. i'll let it stay up. >> fact -- the office of the architect of the capitol said this is false and the project will be done before january, 2017. then there is vaccines and autism. trump on wednesday. >> a 2 1/2-year-old, the child went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick and now is autistic. >> reporter: fact. according to the american academy of pediatrics. >> we know there is no
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link between autism and vaccines. the research has been done and the studies have concluded. >> reporter: fact is, exaggeration, according to donald trump, which has been part of his success. he called it truthful hyperbole, people wanting to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. it is an innocent form of exaggeration and a very effective form of promotion. one that so far appears to be working. as for the scaffolding, trump said he got that from a source. on vaccines he stands by his position. and in campaign finance he said he is funding his whole campaign but does appreciate smaller donations. lester, as you know, the most any one person can donate to a campaign is $2,700. >> thank you, katy tur. >> let's bring in the moderator of the "meet the press," chuck todd. chuck, some say that he is made of teflon and how is that wearing these days. >> it is not wearing
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that well. i don't think wednesday night went well at the debate and you couple this with the cancelation of south carolina does look like a bit of a retreat, even though the campaign said it has nothing to do with anything other than a business deal. it did feel as if -- i thought larry in the first piece put it well, there is air coming out of the balloon. what does that mean? it means it is a slow fall. this isn't going to be something we're going to see overnight. donald trump is leading in the polls when the first ones come out, for the next week or weeks to come. but over time, i think this is the week we're going to look back on and say, maybe this was the beginning of the end of trump '16 we'll find out. we'll find out. >> chuck, thanks. sunday on "meet the press," the guests include two other candidates getting attention. dr. ben carson, and ohio governor john kasich. her name was bella. tonight a big and heartbreaking mystery has been solved and a mother charged as an accessory to murder in
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the death of her 2 1/2-year-old daughter. her body found in the boston harbor this summer. her identity remaining a mystery until now. a nationwide effort to find out the identity of baby doe. tonight we know her name and her tragic story. nbc's ron mott reports. >> it is a case that stumped boston authorities for nearly three months. who was the little girl found dead in a trash bag in deer island in late june. today an answer. >> her name was bella. this child, whose very name means beauty, was murdered. >> murder charges have been filed against the boyfriend of bella's mother, rachelle bond, also arrested as an accessory after the fact. >> he and bond took specific steps to keep bella's death a secret and to avoid prosecution. >> reporter: the body was discovered june 25th clothed in black and white leggings and a zebra print blanket was inside of the bag. an autopsy could not
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determine cause of death. a computer generated image flooded tips from around the country and proved a close match to 2-year-old bella. but officials say pollen found on the clothing left them confident she was from the boston area. >> the hair looks longer in the picture but it looks like the little girl. >> acting on a tip, police executed a search warrant in the neighborhood of boston, working into the night. >> today, 83 days after we found this little girl on the shoreline, we're at last able to speak of baby bella. these men and women who investigated this case has given her name back. now we will give her justice. >> reporter: the mother and boyfriend are scheduled to be arraigned on monday. in the meantime today, a park bench and tree were dedicated in her memorial outside of outsidey
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the apartment building tonight. >> ron mott tonight, thank you. the obama administration announced new measures at easing trade and travel with cuba. under the changes, some u.s. companies will be allowed to open offices in cuba. banking and internet activity is expanded and limits on the amount of money taken to cuba is eliminated. this comes on the eve of pope francis' arrival to cuba. he travels from there to washington next tuesday, the start of a six day visit to the u.s. a new front has opened in europe's worsening humanitarian crisis. hungary was able to stop the human tide crossing its border with a fence, teargas, water cannons and police clubs. but thousands of men, women and children seeking a safer existence didn't turn back, they found a new border to cross and another country has become a flash point in all of this. our report from keir simmons. >> reporter: they fight to board a bus. handing their children overhead. the desperation is all too familiar. but the setting is new.
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this is croatia. fearing that europe's doors are closing, migrants and refugees climb through windows of buses and trains. [ chanting ] >> reporter: and at another station, more people waiting to head north. >> we have to find a way to help us. not to prison us. >> reporter: fighting breaks out and the tension is too much for people who feel increasingly trapped. this is terrible, a local woman said. we used to be refugees too. hundreds of thousands have made the journey this year from turkey to greece, macedonia, serbia and hungary and austria and germany and beyond. but with the border now fenced off, the human tide has been diverted to croatia. more than 17,000 reportedly crossing that border in just three days. at first croatia welcomed the refugees
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but now it said it is overwhelmed. we have shown our heart the prime minister said today. we also need to show we have a brain. the police have faced crowds, panicking, pushing to get on buses. by the side of the road, a man collapsed. a suspected heart attack. his wife and sons look on. an ambulance takes him to the hospital where he recovered, alive. but one of thousands whose hopes for a better life are slipping away. keir simmons, nbc news, london. in this country, the house voted today to block federal funding for planned parenthood for one year as the controversy over the use of fetal tissue continues. but it was symbolic since democrats are expected to block the bill in the senate. still republicans are expecting to shut down the government at the end of month by refusing to pass a critical spending bill if it includes any money for planned parenthood.
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the environmental protection agency today ordered volkswagen to recall half a million cars and fix them at the company's own expense. because the epa said they intentionally skirted filter laws by using a piece of software known as a defeat device to get around filter standards. among the vehicles effects are diesel cars built in the last seven years, including the jetta, beetle, golf and passat and the audi a3. we put more information about this on our website. there is more ahead tonight. big changes that effect everyone who has a credit or debit card, or if you may have received a new card in the mail. the new security features designed to protect you from fraud but something you should know before the next purchase. also a woman blazing a trail, changing her life and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.
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chances are you've received a replacement credit card in the mail recently that looks different with the computer chip planted right on the card itself. it is an attempt by credit card companies and the banks to make it harder for criminals to steal your card information. but the u.s. still lags behind many other countries in these kind of protections and starting next month, if you do get hit, your credit card company might not be the one responsible for reimbursing you. nbc's tom costello has the details. >> reporter: they are supposed to be the latest weapon in the fight against credit card fraud. so-called chip and pin
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cards. the computer chip embedded on the face of the card contains a unique verification code each time you use it. cyber security pros call it a big step forward. >> that chip adds quite a significant degree of extra security. firstly, you need the pin. but also as opposed to with this mag stripe technology, you can't just easily clone the card. >> reporter: in the u.s. alone, credit card fraud cost $8 billion a year. retailers are supposed to have installed new credit card readers by october 1st. at this hair salon in washington, d.c., they are already in place. >> security is safer for the clients, safer for us. just a lot of prevention with the fraud. >> reporter: but some industry experts say most retailers won't be ready. >> it is much more complex to replace every single credit card and every single debit card and every single merchant
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payment terminal in the u.s. than we thought. >> europe and canada have cut fraud by up to 80%. but because it is expensive, u.s. banks don't require you to use a pin code on the chip and pin cards, instead, just a signature. anti-fraud experts say without the pin codes it is a half step toward improved security. >> why should u.s. consumers be forced to operate with the weakest technology in the world. >> reporter: if retailers aren't ready by october 1st, they will shoulder the liability for fraud, not the credit card company and not the customer. tom costello, nbc news, washington. when we come back, the moment caught on camera that made the crowd go wild.
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there is troubling news tonight about the long-term dangers of head injuries while playing football. pbs frontline is reporting that new numbers from the v.a. in boston university showed the brains of
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87 out of 91 deceased former nfl players tested positive for cte in the latest study of traumatic brain injuries. that is 96% of deceased nfl players examined. and they've founded cte in the brains of 79% of all deceased football players tested, including those who played in high school and college. the nfl said it is dedicated to making the sport safer. nasa has released remarkable new images of pluto that have come from the new horizon spacecraft. it travels nine years and three billion miles to get there. nasa said it sheds new light on pluto's mountains, glaciers and plains. you can see why the top scientists say the new pictures make you feel you are there. pictures from the crowd last night at turner field in atlanta. it wasn't because of the score. the home team got shut out. it was because of former president jimmy carter and his wife
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roselyn locking lips on the kiss cam. the former president appearing in good spirits. he is undergoing cancer treatment. the carters have been married for 69 years. a great moment there. and who doesn't like to spend time relaxing in the backyard. a man in colorado caught a bear cub doing just that. but getting into a hammock is not the easiest thing to do. the bear seemed to be having quite a time finding his bearings. when we come back, her remarkable run and how she's defying conventional wisdom in the process. a new concern for the evacuees
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of the valley fire. ===take vo=== the discovery that has public health workers asking for more help. ===jess/vo=== plus: a 4-million-year-old whale in the santa cruz mountains. what it takes to safely remove those remains. ===next close=== next. ==take sot== "i hope our house is s finally tonight, the weekend has arrived and for many folks that means winding down by going for a run. for one woman in georgia, the ritual has taken on special meaning as she defies wildly held stereotypes and becomes a role model in the process. here is our national correspondent kate snow. >> i love being in the woods. i love being in the forest. >> mirna loves to run long distances. >> do you think people do a double take? >> people always do a double take. you know, whether they have similar body types to me or not, they always do a double take. >> she knows most people would never guess she's finished six marathons and five
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ultra marathons. >> i love for my weekends. i love long runs. >> how long is a long run. >> anywhere from three to six hours. >> three to six hours? >> i'm really slow, so -- >> on her blog she writes about being heavy and still fit. >> it is called fat girl running. >> you say that and i kind of cringe. >> everybody does. you are not the only one. it is just a word. it is a descriptive word. because i think that when most people see me, they do see fat. and i have to problen problemo with that. we have to take that word and make it into something positive. >> she's convinced her friends to join the pre-dawn run. >> i had all these excuses and i pushed myself beyond any limits i thought i had. >> mirna has many talents. she teaches voice and spanish at a boarding
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school in georgia. where she also coaches cross country and raises her son while her husband works in africa. >> as an athlete, there is no reason i can't go all out because she's going all out. >> you have to do you, whatever that is. you can't wait for the moment to be perfect, you can't wait for your body to be perfect. sometimes you have to go in the mirror and say, i can do this. i can do this until you stop believing it. >> it is the slow and steady journey she enjoys. it is not about winning a race, but just going for it. >> it is really pretty. >> kate snow, nbc news, new york. and that will do it for us on this friday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching. have a great weekend and good night. runs :02 ==raj/vo== waiting to
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see the damage. what needs to happen for the thousands of evacuaees so they can get back to their homes. plus -- our incoming weather -- could be a dangerous i hope our house is still there. >> waiting for thousands of evacuees. our incoming weather could be a dangerous mix for the front lines. thank you for being with us. >> some new developments tonight in the destructive valley fire still raging in northern california. the area is now considered a public health emergency area.
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so far it's burned through nearly 74,000 acres and destroyed 585 homes and hundreds of buildings are in ruins. three people are dead and one person still missing. the flames at this point 40% contained. tonight we have team coverage. we'll begin with david with more on the potential health hazard posed by the burn homes. we're talk about chemicals inside people's homes like paint cans. >> reporter: that's what dr. karen tait told me this afternoon. a lot of victims are still here at the evacuation center trying to put their lives back together.


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